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Wilderness Trekker Survival Kit

The Wilderness Trekker Survival Kit is the most basic kit in the Best Glide Wilderness Series of Survival Kits. It includes much more than a personal survival kit, including only the highest quality items that would be most used in a survival situation, but not nearly as comprehensive as the Companion, Guardian or Survivor Survival Kits.

Because the Wilderness Trekker Survival Kit is packaged in a 9" x 6" MIL SPEC Aloksak bag then in the Ready Five Compact Kit Bag, it is small enough to be stored with existing equipment or survival gear. The MIL SPEC Alolsak bag is made from a super-stretch, high tenacity polymer bag material that is both NSF and FDA Approved. It incorporates a patented leak proof/airtight seal that is SSI certified leak proof to 200 feet. It was also tested and approved by the US Navy.

The addition of the Adventurer Survival Kit Box, a durable container for your Trekker Survival Kit, comes as an option.

Though this is our least expensive and equipped kit, it still includes many of the same high quality items as our more equipped kits do. We stand by the products, some of which are NATO or U.S. Government approved. We are confident you will not find a kit that includes higher quality items than those included in our Wilderness Series Survival Kits.


Wilerness Trekker Survival Kit

Wilderness Trekker Survival Kit

Best Glide ASE

Ready Five Compact Kit Bag
Trekker Survival Kit in Ready Five
Compact Kit Bag

Wilderness Survival Kit

food gathering

Best Glide Compact Survival Fishing Kit

Katadyn MP1 Water Purification Tabs (5)

Brass Snare Wire

Cone Style Coffee Filter

signaling and navigation

Signal Mirror

Adventurer Tracker Button Compass

Adventurer NATO Survival Whistle

warmth and shelter

Tinder Quik Fire Tabs (10)

Fresnel Lens Fire Starter

AMK Heatsheet  Survival Blanket

Military Grade Fire Flint

Adventurer NATO All Weather Survival Matches (10)

tools and sharps

Adventurer Pocket Camper Survival Tool

Folding Utility Knife - Orange

flashlights and illumination

Photon X Light

medical and protection

Best Glide Trekker First Aid Kit

Ben's 30 Deet Wipes (4)


Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

Water  Proof Journal Mini Notebook

bags and containers

Silica Gel

9 x 6 Aloksak Bag (included)
Ready Five Compact Kit Bag (included)
Adventurer Survival Kit Box  (optional)


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survival gear highlights

Compact Survival Fishing Kit

emergency fishing kit

compact survival kit version

Signal Mirror

signal mirror

Heatsheet Emergency Survival Blanket - AMK

heatsheet blanket


Pocket Camper Survival Tool

pocket survival tool

adventurer series

Photon X Light Micro Light

photon x-light

Minor substitutions sometimes made due to product availability.

Wilderness Survival Kit

kit weight: one pound


Please contact us for information on volume and
organizational discounts.

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