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Weather Proof Survival Kit Bag

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Weather Proof Bag
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Best Glide Weather Proof Bags are great for storing just about anything. Originally designed for storing food and other items that must be kept free of moisture, sun and air, these economical Weather Proof Bags are constructed of high barrier clear and foil laminates, thus assuring that your survival kit, survival food or any other item you wish to protect is kept free of oxygen and moisture. The silver foil laminate of the water tight storage bag also repels sunlight thus keeping your items cooler and free from the damage of direct sunlight.

These waterproof bags are great for boaters, adventurerers, campers, hikers and survivalists. These weather proof bags come two at a time and each contain a desiccant just in case some moisture enters when you open the bag to retrieve your items. These bags have a usable size of 10" x 7.5" x 3" (gusseted bottom).

These weatherproof bags are also great for survival kits and medical kits.  A heavy duty zip lock keeps the elements out and makes them reusable.  If you have a food sealer, these water tight bags can also be sealed for a permanent barrier to the elements.  Simply tear the top off and the zip lock remains in place to continue the bags weatherproof properties.

  • waterproof

  • airtight

  • reflects sunlight

  • includes small desiccant

  • 10" x 7.5" x 3" (aprx)

  • 2 pack


Weather Proof Bags

Weather Proof Bags

(2 Pack)
Best Glide ASE





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Waterproof Survival Kit Bags

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