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LaGana Tactical Tomahawk VTAC

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LaGana Survival Axe VTAC

LaGana Tactical Tomahawk (VTAC)

NSN 4210-01-518-7244

Often, we find military items, designed for combat, that transition perfectly into the realm of wilderness survival. The LaGana Tactical Tomahawk (VTAC) is a prime example of this. We highly recommend a survival axe of some sort and this durable hand axe, or survival tomahawk, fits the bill.

A survival tomahawk, like the LaGana Tactical Tomahawk or VTAC, can be used for emergency aircraft extraction, building shelters, cutting firewood, self defense and numerous other life saving uses. Because it is EXTREMELY durable and very sharp, there is practically no cutting task that it cannot accomplish. Durability and utility are two of the most important traits we look for when evaluating survival equipment. The LaGana Tactical Tomahawk is overflowing with both.

The LaGana Tactical Tomahawk (a.k.a. “VTAC”) is the standard by which all other tactical axes are judged. Battle proven for over 40 years, Peter LaGana’s axe-head design has served the United States in every major conflict since the Vietnam War. Modernized with 21st century materials and workmanship, the new LaGana Tactical Tomahawk sets the bar for ease of carry, toughness, and versatility.

The military approved VTAC comes fully equipped with a heavy duty nylon sheath. This is the REAL VTAC, not a cheap knockoff version.


Steel: Drop-Forged 1060, Rc 52-54
Handle: ST “super-tough” modified nylon
Ergonomics: Oval design – indexing finger grooves
Overall Weight: Appx 1 lb.
Overall Length: Appx 14"
Sheath: Jumpable nylon


LaGana Tactical Tomahawk VTAC









LaGana Tactical Tomahawk VTAC

LaGana Survival Tomahawk (VTAC)
American Tomahawk Company

LaGana Tactical Tomahawk VTAC

LaGana Survival Tomahawk VTAC

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