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Military Canteen, Cup and Stove
US Integral Survival Unit

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Genuine US Military Issue
Canteen and Cup
Made in USA Stove
(US Integral Survival Unit)

The US Integral Survival Unit, which includes the Military GI Plastic Canteen, the Military Issue Stainless Steel Canteen Cup, a Heavy Duty (Made in the USA) Canteen Cup Stove and the Heavy Cover Canteen Cup Lid is the perfect survival cooking kit suitable for disaster or adventure.

Don't confuse these items with cheap imitations or those made for another country for NATO in China. With the exception of the Heavy Cover Lid, all of these items are U.S. Military Issue and/or are made in the USA.

- Military Issue Canteen - NSN 8465-00-889-3744
- Military Surplus (New or Used) Canteen Cup
  NSN 8465-00-165-6838
- Canteen Cup Stove - Made in the USA
- HC Canteen Cup Lid - (Not Military Issue)

Our US Integral Survival Unit is perfect for camping, hiking, survival and adventure. It is a perfect kit to have standing buy just in case of natural disaster. Best of all, it is high quality, durable and inexpensive.

With the US Integral Survival Unit you get a Made in the USA product and don't have to worry about the quality of a "Made in China" product. Compare this version to the British Crusader Integral Survival Unit and you find the same quality, US made, for less than half the price.

If you are considering adding a cover, we have two choices for you. The first is the Military Issue Canteen Cover NSN 8465-00-860-0266. The Canteen and Cup fit in this cover without effort. If you decide to try to fit the Canteen Cup Stove, then you need to force the snap closed after putting the items inside. The cover will then mold to fit the unit.

The second option, we believe to be a better solution, is our US Made Zulu Bag. Your entire US Integral Survival Unit fits inside with ease, to include the Heavy Cover Lid. The above Military Issue Canteen Cover does not allow for this. However, neither option is required to use the very durable, high quality, USA Made US Integral Survival Unit. The Best Glide Zulu bag is also perfectly suited for a survival kit or medical kit or for any other purpose where a durable, high quality outdoor bag is required.

US Integral Survival Unit

Genuine U.S. Military Issue
Canteen and Cup
Made in USA Stove
(US Integral Survival Unit)
Canteen Cup Cover
Includes Canteen Cup
Heavy Cover Lid

Zulu Bag Integral Survival Unit Holder
Zulu US Integral Survival Unit Holder
(optional accessory)

Canteen, Cup and Stove
US Integral Survival Unit


US Integral Canteen Survival Unit

Zulu Canteen Bag
Zulu Survival Bag
Made in USA

Best Glide Zulu Bag - Made in the USA to Military Standards

Our Zulu Crusader Unit, US Military Canteen-Cup-Stove, Personal Survival Kit, Personal First Aid Kit and Adventure Bag has become a very popular item. It will hold all of your US Military Canteen, Cup, Stove and Cover accessories. There is even room for our Adventurer Fire Starter Kit. This makes your kit fully equipped, self sustaining and ready to go. Take a look at the Zulu Bag and see for yourself! See more....

Military Canteen Cup, Military Canteen and Canteen Cup Stove

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