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Aren't all wire saws the same?

by paul pfeifer

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Survival Wire Saw Comparison

My name is Paul Pfeifer. My wife Sandra and I have recently started a small home based business making wilderness survival kits.

After some strange looks from her at my idea she jumped right in with her support. After giving her an idea of what I thought we should include in the kits, and agreeing to only include quality stuff, she was all on board.

A few days later she went shopping and ended up in the sporting goods department of a local store. She picked out a few things she thought we could put in our kits. One of the things she picked up was a wire saw. When I got home from work, she was anxious to show me what she had found. When she handed me the wire saw I said  "Hon, this just won't work because it's Chinese made and of pretty poor quality."  "What do you mean?" she asked. So I asked her to accompany me to the workshop where I clamped a length  of 1x4 Ponderosa Pine to my workbench.

Taking the wire saw in hand I attempted to demonstrate its cutting ability. After about 30 strokes and only cutting in about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch, the whole cut started to smoke and it was obvious that it wasn't going to cut any more before busting into flames from the friction. Okay, she was convinced that it wasn't that good after all.  A few days later I received a Commando Wire Saw from I immediately called my wife and handed her both the Chinese one and the saw. She was pretty impressed just comparing them in her hands. Ah, but it was time for another demo.

Now remember, I had never used a Commando Wire saw in my life, so this move was strictly faith based. So back to the workshop we go for another demo. I still had the same piece of wood clamped to my workbench so I turned to my wife and said "Watch this." It only took ten strokes, that's five in each direction,  and the end of the board hit the floor. I turned to my wife and all I got were eyes as big as saucers and a  "Damn, let me try that."  So she grabs it and with another ten strokes, one more chunk hits the floor. We are now both definitely on the same page when it comes to the quality we want in our kits. Thanks Best Glide ASE.

Paul Pfeifer

Black Hills Wilderness Survival Kits

To receive more information on the high quality items used in Black Hills Wilderness Survival Kits, or information on their survival kits, please contact Paul & Sandra Pfeifer at Black Hills Wilderness Survival Kits, PO Box 313, Black Hawk, SD 57718, PH:(605) 787-4940.

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