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EasyKlip Tarp Clip

EasyKlip is the world’s strongest tarp clip. Anywhere you need a grommet free fastener, whether for a car cover, survival shelter, fabric canopy or plastic banner, there is no clip stronger or more versatile than the indispensible EasyKlip Tarp Clip. In addition to many recreational purposes, the EasyKlip Tarp Clip is perfectly suited as a survival tarp clip, providing utility in the area of survival shelter, survival food gathering and survival signaling.

The Easy Klip Tarp Clip provides a unique gripping action. The harder the pull, the tighter the grip. Instead of pulling off when the load gets heavy, EasyKlip actually clamps down harder, for unmatched holding power, up to 5X stronger than the rest. Its unique grip enables the EasyKlip Tarp Clip to secure much heavier loads than other clips.

This survival and utility tarp clip will clip anything, anywhere. This includes a plastic sheet, fabric, netting or board, hemmed or non-hemmed, edge or midpoint, EasyKlip fastens tight without tearing.

EasyKlip Tarp Clip goes on easy and comes off easy. It Fastens in seconds and detaches only when you want it to with the twist of a coin or push of the thumb.

$1.95 ea

Survival Tarp Clip

Survival Tarp Clip

Why might I need a tarp clip?

A tarp clip is one of those items that has so many possible uses, it is hard to think of them all at one time. A tarp clip is more than just a way to attach to a object that has no hole in it. It is also a way to attach to an item so that the item will withstand the stress of heavy duty use. Because the Easy Clip utilizes a flat surface area with friction bumbs in it, it aids in strengthening the item you are attaching to. As in the above images, we would never try to simply cut a hole in the orange plastic sheet and tie onto it, it would tear right through. But EasyKlip Tarp Clipusing the tarp clip, this is prevented from happening.

A tarp clip can be used to make a survival shelter as above, but can also be used to fasten a signal panel down, make a survival tent, make a solar still, cover your survival equipment or dry wood from the elements, fasten a trout line, make a snare, protect items from wild animals, make a weapon and much more.

The EasyKlip is different from other tarp clips, which is why we chose it. This is the only tarp clip, that we are aware of, that actually grabs on harder the harder you pull. This is why they say, "The Harder the Pull, The Tighter the Grip". In numerous tests, the EasyKlip held on up to 5 times stronger than all the competitors. This means it held on until the tension used reached 220 lbs.

We offer these unique survival tarp clips both as singles and in the most popular quantities. This way, you can just buy what you need.

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