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Survival Sewing and Repair Kit

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Survival Sewing and Repair Kit
Best Glide ASE Adventurer Series

Once again, Best Glide ASE has shown their innovation with the Survival Sewing and Repair Kit. As one of the newest additions to their Adventurer Series of Survival Equipment, this little kit is much more than a Survival Sewing Kit.

The Adventurer Series Survival Sewing and Repair Kit not only contains the basic survival sewing items, it is innovative in the fact that it also includes items for basic repairs. It is the first we have seen to contain high grade Kevlar Thread with a tensile strenth of up to 50 lbs. However, we didn't stop there. Our kit includes MilSpec and Military Approved items like Made in the USA Type 1A Utility Cord, a Military Approved Razor Knife, a Military Approved container and Made in the USA Duct Tape. It also includes brass wire which is as useful as Duct Tape.

We urge you to compare our Survival Sewing and Repair Kit to other's in this price range. We know you will like ours better.


Survival Sewing and Repair Kit


Survival Sewing and Repair Kit

Survival Sewing and Repair Kit
Best Glide ASE

Items included in the Survival Sewing and Repair Kit:

(1) MILSPEC 5 x 4 Aloksak Bag
(1) 2 3/4” x 1/2“ Needle Holder


(2) #7 Needle
(2) #18 Darner Needle
(1) #16 Darner Needle
(4) Heavy Duty Straight Pins
(6) Assorted Buttons
(6) Assorted Safety Pins
(1) Thread - #69 Heavy Duty
(1) Needle Threader
(1) Metal Thimble
(1) Fresnel Lens Magnifier


Bonded Kevlar Thread, 50 lbs test
Brass Repair Wire
Type 1A MILSPEC Utility Cord
Duct Tape (Made in the USA)
(1) 3” x 4” Durable Waterproof Patch
(2) Commercial Grade Cable Ties
(1) Military Approved Derma Safe Knife

You will simply not find a better Survival Sewing and Repair Kit in this price range.


Survival Basics Accessory Pouch (Option)

Add our Survival Basics Survival Accessory Pouch to your order at checkout. It gives you extra room to add to your kit and adds further protection and utility to the items inside.

The Survival Basics Accessory Pouch, 6" x 5.25" (inner dimensions), is made of 600 Denier Tough Duck Material which includes a water repellent backing. The bottom has no seam to maximize the strength of the bag. The top of the pouch has velcro running the entire length of the pouch to insure that smaller items don't get away. In short, this is a durable, yet simple, all purpose survival pouch.

Survival Sewing Kit Pouch
Click image for more information on
the Survival Basics Accessory Pouch.

Survival Sewing Kit


Adventurer Survival Sewing and Repair Kit

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