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Best Glide ASE is proud to be building the NEW Henry Repeating Arms Survival Kit to go along with their very exciting new survival rifle. The first set has been delivered and should be on sale at Henry Repeating Arms in mid October. See more at in the near future. 10/01/11

Best Glide ASE is proud to once again be working with Mission Aviation Fellowship to update the survival kit assembled for them by Best Glide ASE some years ago. This new kit is updated and will be supplied to MAF pilots and employees in the coming months. Thank you MAF for all that you do. 09/15/11

We have introduced several new exciting kits over the last several months. Both the Boy Scout Be Prepared Survival Kit and the Emergency Survival Suture Kit live up to our reputation for quality, affordability and most importantly, functionality. 09/01/11

Best Glide ASE is proud to be the supplier to components of the U.S. State Department in Afghanistan of a specially designed survival kit. This kit, now available to the public with minor changes, is the Desert Operator Survival Kit. 06/01/11

Best Glide ASE is proud to be supplying both our Military Scout Pocket Survival Tin and our Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit to units of the United States Military. 05/11/11

Best Glide ASE has introduced four new kits which have already become very popular: Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit, Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit Advanced, Adventurer Pocket Survival Kit, Adventurer Military Scout Pocket Survival Kit. 01/01/11

Best Glide ASE is now offering their own line of quality survival equipment, labeled Adventurer Series Survival Equipment. The full line can now be see at for our retail customers and for our wholesale customers. 11/02/10

Best Glide ASE has introduced its Survival Sewing and Repair Kit. This kit is like no other in its category. It is one of the few to offer duct tape, brass wire and kevlar thread to its line of very useful repair gear. 10/24/10


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