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Standard Survival Fishing Kit

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Survival Fishing Kits

Standard Survival Fishing Kit

The Emergency Survival Fishing Kit is an exceptionally well stocked, durable, quality and inexpensive survival fishing kit.  Like our Basic Emergency Fishing Kit, it was designed as a collaborative effort between survivalists and avid fisherman.  Therefore, it goes without saying that this survival fishing kit is a quality item.

The Best Glide Standard Survival Fishing Kit comes in a durable tin container which is sealed with water resistant tape. If that is not enough, we have included a Silica Gel Desiccant inside, just to make sure your survival fishing kit stays dry.

We also changed the type of knife usually included in such survival fishing kits. Instead of a basic razor blade, the Standard Survival Fishing Kit includes a Derma-Safe Utility Knife. Adding to the list of innovations, we also included a pre-made fishing line, ready for survival fishing.

The Standard Survival Fishing Kit includes a brief survival fishing manual written by fishing enthusiasts. It includes suggestions and techniques that increase your chances of catching fish, the basics of setting up your line and fishing knot tying. Also included are two of our line of survival kit stickers which help make the information you deem most important, also the most readily available.

Emergency Fishing Kit

Standard Survival Fishing Kit
Standard Emergency Fishing Kit
Best Glide ASE

Personal Survival Kit Holder

personal survival

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Survival Fishing Kit

Standard Emergency Survival Fishing Kit
Best Glide ASE




Fishing Tips and Instructions


(2) Survival Tin Sticker


(1) 2" Swirl Tail Grub


(1) Tiny Shad


(1) 1 1/2" Tube Jig


(1) 1/4  oz.


(8) Salmon Eggs


(1) Size 8


(1) Size 10 1/8


(1) Moisture Absorbing Packet


(1) Folding Razor Knife


(2) Treble


(3) #4


(3) #6


(3) #8


(4) Wire Wound Leaders

Split Shot

(4) BB

Split Shot

(4) 3/0


(1) ”


(50 Ft) 12LB


(25 Ft) 30LB

   Ready Line

(Line, Bobber, Sinker, Hook)




  • Assembled in the USA
  • Exceeds Alaska and Canada over flight requirements
  • Mil Spec Razor Knife
  • Pre-made fishing line
  • Designed by avid fishermen
  • Fishing tips and tricks
  • Water resistant packaging
  • Silica Gel Desiccant
  • Quality components
  • Name brand manufacturers
  • More of most used items
  • Used and sold around the world

Survival Fishing Kits
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note: minor substitutions are occasionally made due to component availability.

Survival Fishing Kit

Emergency Fishing Kit


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