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Who is Best Glide ASE?

Best Glide ASE is a retailer/wholesaler/manufacturer of high quality survival equipment.  Since 2002, we have distinguished ourselves by selling quality items at reasonable prices. We do not offer cheaply made items that are designed to only maximize profit. This may be ok for toys, but not for survival equipment. We also do not sell "knock off" items. This why many of our survival items carry NATO and US Military approval. Our customers include numerous branches of the US Government and all branches of the US Military.

We take pride in the quality of our products, customer service and reasonable pricing.  We would he happy to offer your business many of our products at true wholesale pricing for resale.

Wholesale and Special Pricing?

Best Glide ASE offers, on many items, dual pricing. This dual pricing includes a wholesale price and a "special price". The wholesale price is available to resellers only, where the special pricing, higher than the wholesale price, is normally reserved for non profit organizations. However, exceptions are sometimes made on our special pricing in an effort to continually provide the best available customer service.

The reason Best Glide ASE offers both wholesale and special pricing is because we cannot offer wholesale pricing on all items. We are not the distributor on many items that we carry, therefore, cannot offer wholesale pricing. However, because we wished to still provide a discounted price, we offer a special price even on those items we cannot offer wholesale pricing on.

That being said, Best Glide ASE offers a large amount of items at true wholesale pricing, header carded and UPC coded for easy retail sales. Most of these fall into our new Adventurer Series Survival Equipment Line. This line is a basic, quality and inexpensive selection of survival equipment that is most suitable for hunters, hikers, fishermen (women), campers and any other person who frequents the outdoors, or simply wants ot have basic survival gear on hand, just in case. It is also ideally suited for those who wish to build or supplement their survival or medical kit.

You are welcome to browse our wholesale site and download a copy of our wholesale catalog at We would also be happy to set you up as a dealer with no minimum order requirments and no hassles and/or have a paper copy of our new catalog sent to you for your review. To obtain a price sheet, a small amount of information must be provided about your company.

What items can Best Glide provide wholesale pricing on?

Best Glide ASE can currently offer true wholesale pricing on our extensive line of High Quality Adventurer Series Survival Equipment and other items manufactured by Best Glide. The latter items include: BG Survival Kit Bags, BG Zulu Kit Bag and Water Bottle Holder, BG PSK (personal survival kit) Holder, our popular line of Survival Fishing Kits and our Wilderness Series Survival Kits. More is on the way. However, in many cases our Special Pricing will meet your needs.

What if I don't want to carry stock?

Best Glide ASE would be happy to drop ship for your company. A small fee applies for each shipment. We have many customers that choose this option, however, carrying a small amount of stock will maximize your profits.

What do I need to do to carry stock and/or be advised of wholesale specials?

That's the easiest question yet. Simply give us a call at 888-834-9971 or email us at either or We will get you set up for both, or either. We often run wholesale specials and don't want to leave you out. Some basic information will be required to set you up, to include your reseller tax ID number.

We look forward to adding you to our growing list of recurring resellers who have taken this opportunity to offer true high quality survival equipment to their customers. We hope to be of service to you and stand ready to serve you.

Thank you,

Director of Marketing

Toll Free:  888-834-9971

Intl:  254-662-5266

Fax:  254-662-9097

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