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Best Glide ASE is proud to announce some of our newest, and reworked survival kits. New to Best Glide ASE is our Advanced and Standard Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kits. You simply will not find a compact kit that is better stocked with high quality survival gear. We offer two versions depending on what items you desire to be in your kit. This kit comes in a light weight aluminum container suitable for food storage. Very versatile, the holder alone has numerous uses in a survival situation.

We have also made a couple of changes to our line of Compact Survival Fishing Kits. The Compact, Basic and Standard Survival Fishing Kits now come with new labeling and several with added items. These are still some of our best selling kits. All three include items specifically chosen to maximize your chances of catching fish in a survival situation.

Next, we have finished our high quality Pocket Survival Kits, suitable for those who wish to take a minimalist approach to survival gear, but still want items that provide the best chance of survival in an emergency situation. Both the Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin and the Military Scout Pocket Survival Tin include NATO and U.S. Military approved items. They also include as many Made in the USA items as possible.

Finally, we have reworked our Personal Survival Kit Tin Holders. They still include high quality military spec materials and are still made in the USA. However, we altered one of the attachment points to make them even more versatile than before. These are so popular that we are now selling these over seas.

If you would like to take a look at these, and many other survival kits, please see our Survival Kits selection to the left. You might also wish to take a look at our expanding line of Adventurer Survival Equipment items.

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