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Military Energy Gum

NSN: 8925-01-530-1219

Stay Alert Chewing Gum
Military Energy Gum

Military Energy Chewing Gum

The Walter Reed Institute of Army Research has worked and tested for 6 years to help stop fatigue related injuries and deaths. The result, Military Energy Gum, formerly Stay Alert caffeine chewing gum, is finally available.

Troops and survivalists no longer have to resort to eating freeze dried coffee grounds to stay alert. Military Energy Caffeine Gum has been field tested and approved for First-Strike rations, currently issued to the US Military.

Not only does Military Energy Caffeine Gum decrease accidents, but it increases soldier/survivor performance. Clinical studies have proven increased physical and cognitive performance as well as improved marksmanship and overall vigilance under sleep deprived conditions. Walter Reed has concluded that Stay Alert caffeinated chewing gum, now known as Military Energy Gum, provides the most rapid absorption of caffeine by mouth, while also being the most lightweight, compact, and convenient.

Military Energy Caffeine Chewing Gum is rapidly becoming standard equipment in numerous survival kits. Because Military Energy Caffeine Gum decreases accidents, increases performance and saves lives, it is also perfectly suited for those concerned with staying alive in a survival situation.


Military Energy Gum
NSN: 8925-01-530-1219
Military Energy Caffeine Gum

EMS-Firefighters-Law Enforcement
  • Stops Fatigue Instantly and
    Saves Lives
  • Field Tested by Natick Lab
  • Approved for First Strike Rations
  • Strongest Caffeine Gum Made -
    100 mg
  • Instant Oral Absorption

Military Energy Gum

Military Energy Gum

Military Energy Gum

Cinnamon  Arctic Mint  Spearmint 
5pcs/pack  5pcs/pack  5pcs/pack 
 $1.95  $1.95  $1.95

Stay Alert Caffeine Gum

Survival Chewing Gum

Military Energy Gum

Military Energy Chewing Gum is Clinically Proven to Improve:
Cognitive Abilities - Physical Performance - Marksmanship - Overall Vigilance

Developed and Proven Effective by Walter Reed ARMY Institute of Research

Military Energy Gum is Endorsed by the National Academy of Sciences

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