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Skyblazer Aerial Signal Flares

orion safety and distress signaling devices

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Skyblazer Aerial Signal Flares

Orion's Skyblazer Signal Flares are self-contained, red alert signals that are bright, waterproof, floatable and capable of signaling to an altitude up to 450 feet. Signal Flares are a must for any wilderness outing, boating excursion or simply when you find yourself in the wilderness, far from home.

Skyblazer Aerial Signal Flares have an average illumination of 16000 CP and feature a burn time of up to 6.9 seconds. These Signal Flares come packed in an orange zippered mesh storage bag with clip so that you can keep these convenient, compact signal flares easily accessible and in one convenient location.

The Orion Skyblazer Signal Flares are a USCG approved day/night signal and have been manufactured for years, previously by Skyblazer, now by Orion Signal. We regret that the Orion Skyblazer Signal Flares can only be shipped via ground and incur an additional HazMat charge. We suggest you take a look at our other HazMat items and order several at one time to make the HazMat Shipping Fee more economical.


Skyblazer Signal Flare

Order Code: SN1192







Skyblazer Signal Flare

Orion Skyblazer Signal Flares
Orion Signals



  • One time use, disposable launchers

  • Orange Mesh Zippered Bag w/clip

    • Compact

    • Corrosion Resistant

  • 4 Red Aerial Flares

    • Avg Burn Time: 6.9 seconds each

    • Altitude: Up to 450 feet

    • Average Brightness: 1600 CP

  • For day or night use

  • Easy to operate

  • Order Code: SN1192

  • USCG Approved



Emergency Signal Flare

Due to HazMat regulations, please call us at 888-834-9971 to order.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


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Emergency Signal Flare

Orion Skyblazer Signal Flare

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