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Sigg Aluminum Survival Kit Box

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Sigg Aluminum Survival Kit Box
Sigg USA

The Sigg Aluminum Box Midi is perfect for any application where a rigid, high quality, high durability element proof box is needed. The Sigg Aluminum box is perfect for survival applications and makes a great survival kit or medical kit container. We currently offer our Wilderness Trekker Survival Kit in the Medium Sigg Alu heavy duty aluminum box as an option.

The Sigg Aluminum Box is highly durable, and thanks to the locking top and rubber seal, leak proof . The Sigg Survival Kit Box includes a food safe coating, but should not be used as a cooking container. It is a perfect size for survival gear, medical kits or survival food.

Although SIGG has been around nearly 100 years, it's still a relatively new brand in the USA. Perhaps that's why in November 2005, SIGG was featured in TIME magazine's "The Most Amazing Inventions of 2005". We were so impressed that we instantly decided to add both the Medium and Large Sigg Alu Box to our line of high quality survival equipment and survival kit containers. We offer the Medium Sigg Aluminum Box and the Large Sigg Alu Box in multiple colors to include blue, red and aluminum. Click buy now to see current available colors.


Weight:  Negligible

Material: Aluminum

Medium Size:  6.7" x 4.6" x 2.4" (out of stock)

Large Size: 9.0" x 5.7" x 3.0"

Medium Colors: Multiple

Large Colors: Multiple

Other: Rubber Seal and Dual Latches


Sigg Alu Box Midi 






Sigg Aluminum Kit Box




Sigg Aluminum Box



Sigg Large Alu Box

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Sigg Aluminum Storage Box

Sigg Aluminum Box Midi

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