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Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle

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Survival Whistle

Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle
Best Glide ASE
(SOLAS Approved, NATO Issue)

The Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle, a high quality yet compact survival whistle, is a perfect solution to the necessity for a loud, dependable signal whistle in an emergency situation.

The Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle, part of the Best Glide Adventurer Series, is incredibly loud. It is compact with no moving parts to break or seize up in cold weather. This British made signal whistle is used in Best Glide Military and Government Survival Kits and is commonly used by survivalists, aviators, mariners and sports enthusiasts.

The purpose of the signal whistle is a simple one. It is to draw attention to yourself, and your situation, so that you can get help. The shrill sound from a survival whistle, or signal whistle, travels much farther than yelling, takes less energy, and works even if your injuries keep you from making noise by other methods. If a searcher cannot pinpoint your location, (s)he cannot help you.

Every survival situation requires a signal whistle. Even if you don't purchase the Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle, we highly suggest a survival or emergency whistle for every kit or excursion.

Emergency Signal Whistle features include:

Lanyard attachment
SOLAS approved for marine safety
In use by NATO and U.S. Government Forces
Comes in black or high visibility orange
Size: 0.75" x 2"
Adventurer Series, Stock #SN1351B or O


Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle
Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle
Best Glide Adventurer Series

More about the Best Glide Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle

The compact Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle is a loud, long distance signal device suitable forRapid Rescue Military Whistle alerting help. A survival whistle is a necessary item for adventurers and is added security for families while hiking, camping, boating or just enjoying the outdoors. Made in England, the Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle is NATO Issue and SOLAS approved. Your survival whistle is one of the most useful emergency signaling devices available. It calls attention to your situation with little effort.

Yelling drains your energy, cannot be heard from very far and cannot be sustained for very long. Use your survival whistle during or to avoid an emergency. However, your compact survival whistle is not a toy. People will likely respond to assist you. Some examples of use are:

1. stranded, marooned or otherwise in need of rescue
2. medical emergency or disoriented in the woods
3. If in doubt, whistle. By nature, people wish to help.

Basic emergency whistle signals are as follows:

SOS - 3 short blasts, 3 long blasts then 3 short blasts
Help Needed - 6 quick blasts
Message Understood - 3 quick blasts

Most Adventurer Series Survival Equipment includes educational instruction regarding how to use that particular piece of survival gear. The above is the header card information provided with the Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle.

Rapid Rescue Military Survival Whistle



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