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QuikClot Brand
Hemostatic Agent®


Z-Medica LLC has selected Best Glide ASE as an Authorized Distributor for its amazing, life saving product, QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®.

We stock a full line of QuikClot products including the Quikclot Trauma Pack, QuikClot ACS Plus, QuikClot Sport 25 and 50, QuikClot Combat Gauze and the QuikClot First Response.

QuikClot comes in both professional and recreational versions!

Z-Medica currently restricts the sale of some QuikClot products to those in the the Healthcare and First Responder professions. To order these, please give us a call.

QuikClot Sport

QuikClot Sport 25, QuikClot Sport 50, QuikClot Sport Silver

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QuikClot ACS Sponge

QuikClot Combat Gauze
QuikClot First Response
QuikClot ACS
QuikClot Trauma Pack

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 QuikClot 1st Response Training



QuikClot ACS+ Training

quikclot training here!

The manufacturer of QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®, Z-Medica LLC, currently recommends the sale of QuikClot® to persons with medical training or those specifically trained in the use of QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®.  Choose your QuikClot product and get your training to the left.

More QuikClot Training Here!

QuikClot® hemostat is effective and non-allergenic. It can be easily applied by military, police, fire, rescue and other non-medical personnel. It is already on the ground with U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq!

QuikClot Combat Gauze
(1) 3" x 4 yds Combat Gauze
QuikClot brand hemostatic agentŪ

QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®

QuikClot Combat Gauze

QuikClot® Combat Gauze™ provides the ultimate in stoppingQuikClot Combat Gauze power for traumatic wounds. QuikClot Combat Gauze requires no mixing, measuring and produces no heat - just open and apply. Combat Gauze is easy to pack, stays cool under pressure and remains ultra flexible while conforming to any shape or size wound. QuikClot Combat Gauze removes easily without effect.

As the *CoTCCC’s #1 choice for first line treatment for life-threatening hemorrage; QuikClot® Combat Gauze™ is the essential item in every military and medical kit.

* Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care
   (US Special Operations Command)

Single QuikClot
Combat Gauze

3 QuikClot
Combat Gauze


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Professional Use Only
Please Call 888-834-9971 to order.

QuikClot 1st Response

(5) .875 oz Packets

QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®

QuikClot Cooler Formulation

QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®

1st Response

QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®  is rapidly becoming standardQuikClot First Response equipment for EMS, Sportsmen, Emergency Departments or anyone who may need to stop life threatening bleeding in a hurry.  In U.S. Military testing, QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® yielded a 0% mortality rate.

The QuikClot 1st Response™ comes in a box that contains five individually packaged .875-ounce QuikClot hemostatic sponges – quantities sufficient to address most situations encountered by first responders.

The QuikClot First Response is one of the newest products in the QuikClot Hemostatic Agent family of lifesaving blood stoppers.

Single Box of 5 Pkts

10 Boxes of 5 Pkts


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Professional Use Only
Please Call 888-834-9971 to order.

QuikClot ACS Plus

QuikClot ACS+

Advanced Clotting Sponge

QuikClot Cooler Formulation

QuikClot Trauma Pack Review

QuikClot ACS®

Advanced Clotting Sponge

QuikClot ACS+™ is offered in a delivery system which offers easeQuikClot ACS Sponge of application and removal. When dealing with large, severe injuries on the battlefield or here at home, a few seconds can mean the difference between losing a limb – or losing a life.

When time is critical, just rip open a packet of QuikClot ACS+™, pack the self-contained sponge into the wound and the bleeding stops rapidly. The QuikClot ACS+ sponge can be packed to conform to the shape of the wound and is easily removed in a hospital setting.

Each package of QuikClot ACS+™ contains one 3.5-ounce QuikClot Hemostatic Sponge. QuikClot ACS+ is also available in a QuikClot TraumaPak™, along with a pressure bandage and high volume gauze. (see below)

Single Pack ACS +

10 Pack ACS +


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Professional Use Only
Please Call 888-834-9971 to order.

QuikClot Trauma Pack

QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®

Trauma Pack

QuikClot Trauma Pack Review

QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®

Trauma Pack

This is a favorite of law enforcement because it is a "mini" bloodQuikClot Trauma Pack loss trauma kit.  The QuikClot brand hemostatic agent - Trauma Pack improves on the above QuikClot ACS+ Sponge by including a Compression Bandage (Emergency Bandage) and High Volume Gauze Pads in a compact bag.  

The QuikClot Trauma Pack is made of rugged waterproof material, fits into a standard BDU pocket, has the MOLLE attachment system, a drain hole and clip closure for instant access. Our QuikClot Trauma Pack comes in black.

The QuikClot Battle Pack (Trauma Pack) includes the NEW QuikClot ACS+ Blood Stopper Sponge.

Single Trauma Pack

10 Trauma Packs


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Professional Use Only
Please Call 888-834-9971 to order.

Quikclot Sport

QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®

Sport Pack 25


QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®

QuikClot Sport 25

Finally, a QuikClot package designed for the sportsman. This 25QuikClot Sport 25 gram, small QuikClot package, is designed to be taken just about anywhere to include: camping, cycling, fishing and hunting. Like its larger versions, QuikClot Sport 25 carries the lifesaving product law enforcement and the military has come to rely on.

QuikClot Sport 25 comes in a 25 gram package and is designed for temporary external use to control bleeding. QuikClot Sport 25 accelerates blood clotting and stops bleeding fast.

QuikClot Sport is a perfect size for survival kits, medical and first aid kits and jacket pockets.

Single Sport 25 Pack

3 Sport 25 Packs



QuikClot Sport

QuikClot Sport

Quikclot Sport 50 has twice the blood clotting agent as the above Quikclot Sport 25

QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®

QuikClot Sport 50


QuikClot Sport also comes in a 50 gram package. It is exactly asQuikClot Sport 50 above except that it has twice as much blood clotting agent. QuikClot sport has become very popular with those not necessarily worried about stopping massive, lifethreatening bloodflow but rather looking for a quick medical solution for cuts, scrapes and other potentially game and recreation ruining injuries. This product is perfectly suited for climbers, hikers, campers, bikers, fisherman and others who are very active.

Single Sport 50 Pack

3 Sport 50 Packs



QuikClot Sport

QuikClot Sport

More about QuikClot Brand Hemostatic Agents

What is QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®?

QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® is a sterile homeostatic treatment that rapidly accelerates coagulation in high blood loss wounds, including high-volume venous and arterial bleeding.  It saves lives by arresting hemorrhage before victims go into shock caused by loss of blood.  FDA 510(k) cleared.

What does QuikClot brand hemostatic agent do? 

QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® stops massive external blood loss and concentrates clotting in the blood by promoting rapid absorption of fluids in and around the wound. During testing by the U.S. Military, it was determined that QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® stopped massive blood loss better than any other product on the market today. QuikClot is now standard equipment in the U.S. Marine Corps Trauma Kit.  

Who needs QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® ?


Best Glide ASE specializes in Law Enforcement sales in quantities ranging from the individual officer to entire departments.  We hear countless stories of how QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® could have saved a life, if only it had been around (back then). Contact us for QuikClot Law Enforcement Discounts for your department.


QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® is currently in use across the world, including Iraq.  The US Military is so convinced of its life saving potential, they have purchased over 50,000.  In comparative tests by the U.S. Military, QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® was the only product of its type that yielded a 0% mortality rate.


We have already sold this amazing product to EMS units, pharmacies and emergency departments across the country.   We hear of new applications for QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® weekly.


A traumatic injury can cause the human body to lose a significant amount of blood.  If medical treatment can be applied before then, the chances of survival are greatly increased.  Even then, some external bleeding is very difficult to stop. QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® has already exhibited that it saves lives in the most difficult of situations. 

How do I use QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® ?

QuikClot is easy to apply.  When using the 3.5 oz Hemorrhage Pack, simply tear off the top of the single use packet and poor it onto or into the open wound.  It then forms a stable powerful clot on the bleeding wound.  The clot stays firmly in place until the victim can be taken to a medical facility, where QuikClot is easily removed.  However, training is required prior to use of the product. The QuikClot Hemorrhage Pack is currently only available to military customers, and only from the manufacturer.

When using the NEW QuikClot 1st Response or QuikClot Sport, simply tear the top off of the package of one of the sponges and apply to the wound. These are large enough to handle almost any, everyday wound. If not, each 1st Response box comes with a total of 5, ready to go, sponges.

When using the new QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge (ACS+), simply tear open the package and apply the 3.5 oz QuikClot ACS+ Sponge to the wound.  Of course, additional training should be obtained prior to use of this and any other QuikClot product. 

What is QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® made of?

QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® is granulated mineral substance whose exact composition is proprietary.  Because it contains no biological or botanical substances, it eliminates the danger of an allergic reaction or transmission of disease.

The new QuikClot ACS Plus™ consists of beads contained in a porous surgical fabric that allows the activated beads to come into direct contact with blood in a wound and quickly stop the bleeding.  

How effective is QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®?

The effectiveness of QuikClot brand hemostatic agent®  has been proven in extensive testing at the University of Connecticut, the U.S. Marine War Fighting Lab, the Marine Corps Systems Command and the Office of Naval Research.  More importantly, QuikClot has proven itself in real life situations numerous times.  QuikClot brand hemostatic agent® received 510(k) clearance from the FDA in March 2002.  


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