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Is Quikclot Effective?

by matt m.

law enforcement officer, firefighter, nremt,
american heart association instructor bls-hcp-cpr-aed

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I am a 30 year old Law Enforcement Officer / Firefighter / NREMT / American Heart Association Instructor for BLS-HCP-CPR-AED. I found your site while looking for survival gear. I do a lot QuikClot ACS Plusof outdoor adventures with my family and friends. I just want to tell you guys a quick story. I know my story will not get published but if it can help you guys out then I would be proud to tell it. By no means am I a hero. I am just a big believer in searching for the latest medical technology that will provide life saving measures until Advanced life support can arrive. I had been doing some research on QuikClot and figured I would give it a try. I did not want to advise students or others of it's outcome until I was able to personally verify it was a good tool for life saving or prolonging.

This incident takes place in an environment we can all relate to " HOME ". My buddies and I were watching a football game and having a great time. My friend was getting up to go get some refreshments when we heard a large CRASH and the sound of glass shattering. Immediately we ran into the kitchen / breakfast area to see what happened. We all figured my friend dropped a few drinks, however this incident was much more disturbing.

Upon entering the kitchen area we had found that my friend tripped over a kitchen rug and fell through a glass side table lacerating his lower abdomen. Shock took hold instantly. Our other friends were scrambling like chickens with their heads cut off and my friend's wife was in hysterics. I always keep a trauma bag in my personal vehicle for obvious reasons. GOD forbid that I need it. The instant I saw where the injury was, I knew we were looking at serious blood loss and a trauma alert.

I immediately had my buddy call 911 as I ran to the trunk of my car. I brought back my trauma Quikclot Sportbag and opened the QuikClot Battle Pack (Trauma Pack). This was the first time I had ever deployed this type of dressing but from the reading I did on it, I put faith into it. I applied the dressing and was overwhelmed how well this product worked. Sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, QuikClot did what it promised.

Emergency Services arrived and with the help of QuikClot Battle Pack ACS + Sponge, my buddy can enjoy more life with his family and friends. I would put my stamp all over this product. In all of my classes that I instruct, I fully recommend people purchase QuikClot for themselves. With over 50,000 traumatic deaths a year, this product would greatly diminish that staggering statistic.

Matt M.

Law Enforcement Officer / Firefighter / NREMT

American Heart Association Instructor for BLS-HCP-CPR-AED

Matt M. is a Law Enforcement Officer / Firefighter / NREMT. He is also an active instructor with the American Heart Association and instructs Basic Life Support, CPR and AED courses for Health Care Providers. This article regarding the effectiveness of QuikClot was was reproduced here with the permission of the author. It is another survival preparedness article offered by Best Glide ASE in an effort to make persons safer and more prepared in a survival situation. The views expressed above are the views of the author and are not verified or substantiated by Best Glide ASE. As always, nothing is a direct replacement for personal research, study and survival training.

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