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Food Gathering
Fishing Series Survival Kits Best Glide ASE Info
Survival Fishing Kit FG1141 Best Glide ASE Info
Basic Emergency Fishing Kit FG1179 Best Glide ASE Info
Military Speedhook FG1002 Speedhook Specialists Info
Regular Speedhook 2 Pack FG1003 Speedhook Specialists Info
Emergency Survival Gill Net FG1151 Best Glide ASE Info
Micropur Water Purification Tablets FG1029 Katadyn North America Info
Collapsible Water Bag Carrier FG1145 Stansport Info
Survival Snare Wire FG1236 Hillman Info
Frontier Pro Water Purification System FG1336 Aquamira Info
Frontier Water Purification Straw FG1337 Aquamira Info
Adventurer Extra Gear Fishing Supply FG1322 Best Glide ASE Info
Electronics & Com
Eton FRX2 Emergency Radio EC1380 Eton Info
Eton FRX1 Emergency Radio EC1393 Eton Info
Eton Scorpion Solar Emergency Radio EC1396 Eton Info
Grundig Mini 400 Shortwave Radio EC1394 Grundig Info
Signaling & Navigation
Silva Compasses Selection Silva Info
Cammenga Military Compasses Selection Cammenga Info
Rescue Laser Flare SN1278 Greatland Laser Info
Brunton Compasses Brunton Info
Fox 40 Whistles SN1051 Fox 40 International Inc. Info
Storm Safety Whistle SN1063 All-Weather Safety Whistle Info
ESL I Emergency Strobe Light SN1332 Leland Info
ACR Firefly 3 Rescue Strobe SN1352 ACR Electronics Info
Adventurer VS 17 CIV Signal Panel SN1357 Best Glide ASE Info
FB 1605 NATO Survival Compass SN1046 Peyser-SGI Limited Info
Adventurer Watch Band Compass SN1365 Best Glide ASE Info
Tracker Survival Button Compasses Best Glide ASE Info
Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle SN1351 Best Glide ASE Info
Emergency Dye Marker SN1146 Orion Safety Products Info
Marble's Brass Button Compasses Marble's


Star Flash Signal Mirror SN1010 Ultimate Survival Technologies Info
Cyalume Personal Marker Light SN1212 Cyalume Technologies Info
JetScream Emergency Whistle SN1301 Ultimate Survival Technologies Info
Military Glass Signal Mirror SN1338 Best Glide ASE Info
Cyalume SOS Survival Light SN1364G
Cyalume Info
Adventurer Compact Signal Mirror SN1381 Best Glide ASE Info
Tools & Sharps
Case Pocket Knives Multiple Case and Sons Info
ESEE Knives Multiple ESEE Info
Victorinox Pocket Knives Multiple Victorinox Info
Frost Mora Knives Multiple Mora of Sweden Info
KA-BAR Knives Multiple KA-BAR Info
Leatherman Tools Multiple Leatherman Tool Group Info
Gerber Tools and Knives Multiple Gerber Info
Special Forces Survival Shovel w/sheath TS1062 Cold Steel, Inc. Info
499 Air Force Survival Knife TS1000 Ontario Knife Company Info
U-DIG-IT Stainless Steel Folding Shovel TS1008 U-DIG-IT Enterprises Info
Woodman's Pal TS1013 Pro Tool Industries Inc. Info
Sterling Superior Knife Sharpener TS1045 Superior Systems Info
Adventurer Pocket Camper & Survival Tool TS1307 Best Glide ASE Info
Folding Utility Knife TS1149 Derma Safe Info
Folding Survival Saw TS1152 Derma Safe Info
Saber Cut Saw TS1235 Ultimate Survival Technologies Info
LaGana Tactical Tomahawk VTAC TS1253 American Tomahawk Company Info
Mini Master 16 Function Pocket Tool TS1359 KutMaster (Made in USA) Info
Spiral Wire Survival Saw   Best Glide ASE Info
Cockpit & Flight
SunGuard Aviation Sunshade CF1294 Connecticut Advanced Products Info
Powerpax Battery Caddy Tools Aviation Info
Medical & Protection
Adventurer First Aid Tool Kit MPFATLKT Best Glide ASE Info
All Purpose Survival Shears MP1374 Best Glide ASE Info
The Extractor Pump FP1034 Sawyer Products Info
Adventure Medical Kits   Adventure Medical Kits Info
QuikClot - Battle Pack w/ ACS+ MP1136 Z-Medica Info
QuikClot - Advanced Clotting Sponge+ MP1108 Z-Medica Info

QuikClot - 1st Response




Emergency Bandage MP1084 First Care Products Info
Multi-Purpose Emergency Bandage MP1085 First Care Products Info
Mosquito Head Net MP1079 Coghlan's Info
Adventurer Mosquito Head Net MP1339 Best Glide ASE Info
Ben's 100 Tick and Insect Repellent
MP1119 Tender


Uncle Bill's Sliver Grippers MP1137 El Mar Inc.


Medical Kit Refills - MedPack / WoundPack MP1142 Best Glide A.S.E.


Bulk Medicine Medical Kit Refill Medique Info
ActCel Hemostatic Gauze MP1291 Coreva Info

CELOX Hemostatic Agent

  Celox Medical Info
Sam Splint MP1297 Sam Medical Products Info
Emergency Survival Suture Multiple Best Glide ASE Info
Omezone Defend Mosquito Patch MP1302 Omezone Info
Mini Med Pack MP1324 Best Glide ASE Info
Mini Wound Pack MP1323 Best Glide ASE Info
Medical and Survival Latex Tubing MP1358 Best Glide ASE Info
Survival Emergency Suture Kit MP1371 Best Glide ASE Info
Bags and Containers
Adventurer Series Survival Kit Box BC1324 Best Glide ASE Info
Large Survival Kit Bag BC1246 Best Glide ASE Info
Personal Survival Kit Tin Holder BC1199 Best Glide ASE Info
Zulu Survival Kit Bag  BC1198 Best Glide ASE Info
Ready Five Compact Survival Kit Bag BC1345 Best Glide ASE Info
Survival Basics Accessory Pouch BC1355 Best Glide ASE Info
Signal Mirror Holder BC1344 Best Glide ASE Info

Aloksak Element Proof Bags

Watchful Eye Designs Info
Silica Gel Desiccants BG1139   Info
Survival Kit Tin BG1140 Best Glide ASE Info
Small Survival Kit Tin BC1161 Best Glide ASE Info
Sigg Aluminum Watertight Box BC1271 Sigg USA Info
Food Prep and Storage
Steam Vita Survival Steamer FP1407 SteamVita Info
Solo Stove FP1383 Solo Stove Info
Stainless Steel Sierra Cup FP1153 Coghlan's Info
US Canteen, Cup and Stove Survival Unit US Military Contractors Info
US Issue Canteen FP1326 US Military Contractors Info
US Military Issue Canteen Cup FP1328 US Military Contractors Info
US Military Issue Canteen Cup Stove FP1329 US Military Contractors Info
US Military Issue Gel Fuel WS1325 MilPack Info
US Military Issue Canteen Cover FP1327 US Military Contractors Info
Canteen Cup Lid FP1335 Heavy Cover Info
P-38 and P-51 Military Can Openers FP1292 US Shelby Co. Info


Survival Kits and Survival Equipment