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Personnel Marker Light

orion / cyalume

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Personnel Marker Light

Orion / Cyalume

The Cyalume Corporation makes the best light sticks available. These emergency lights are Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable and Weatherproof. Cyalume - Omniglow Chemical Lightsticks are perfect for aviation, marine, camping and survival applications. Government and private agencies have relied on Cyalume Technology for years to help them enhance accident prevention, water and wilderness survival.

The Cyalume Personnel Marker Light (PML) produces 360 degrees of light, is easy to use, nontoxic and is waterproof. It is a perfect emergency locator as it is also lightweight, child friendly and floatable.

The Cyalume Personnel Marker Light easily attaches to clothing or a life vest, which makes it perfect for on or over water operations. However, the Personnel Marker Light can be used in any situation where you simply want to be seen at night, to include search and rescue operations. The PML, or Personnel Marker Light, produces a bright green light for up to 8 hours.

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  • uscg approved no. 161.012/2/1

  • nsn 626-01-086-8077
  • bright green light

  • up to 8 hours illumination

  • 360 degrees of light

  • easy to use

  • nontoxic

  • nonflammable

  • waterproof

  • floatable

  • lightweight

  • child friendly




Cyalume Personal Marker Light PML



Personal Marker Light - Cyalume

Personnel Marker Light
Orion / Cyalume



also offered in 3 and
5 packs at a discount!
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Personal Marker Light

Orion Personal Marker Light

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