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Adventurer NATO Distress Whistle

military approved

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NATO Distress Whistle
NSN: 4220-99-120-9470

The NATO Distress Whistle, or Marine Survival Whistle is part of our Adventurer Series of Survival Equipment. This Emergency Whistle is a bright orange emergency distress whistle that is Military and Solas Approved. This marine signal whistle, or distress whistle, produces a high decibel noise from low input. This emergency signal whistle is used in emergency and life raft kits and is sold separately here as a very valuable addition to any survival kit.

The Adventurer Distress Whistle is small enough to be carried anywhere and features a side clip so that it may be affixed to any available cloth to include clothing, life raft straps and life vests.

The purpose of the emergency signal whistle is a simple one. It is to draw attention to yourself, and your situation, so that you can get help. The shrill sound from a survival whistle, or signal whistle, travels much farther than yelling, takes less energy, and works even if your injuries keep you from making noise by other methods. If a searcher cannot pinpoint your location, (s)he cannot help you.

Don't be fooled by our low price. This whistle is used by organizations and governments world wide!

Distress Whistle features:

Side Clip
Bright Orange Color
Small size
Loud decibel level
NSN: 4220-99-120-9470
Included: Whistle Instructions

Note: Image may not be an exact depiction

NATO Emergency Survival Whistle


Adventurer Distress Whistle

NATO Marine Survival Whistle

Adventurer NATO Distress Whistle

Marine Survival Whistle


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