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MiniMaster 16 Function Pocket Tool


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MiniMaster 16 Function Pocket Tool


The MiniMaster 16 Function Pocket Tool is the ideal pocket survival tool and key ring companion. Compact and lightweight, the MiniMaster Pocket Tool is only 2 3/8" long and weighs only 1 3/4oz. The MiniMaster by KutMaster is the ideal taskmaster for survival, work or recreation.

Included in this Made in USA pocket survival tool is the exclusive Locking L safety lock, which locks each blade and tool securely in place for use. A survival situation is stressful enough without having to hurt yourself with your survival equipment.

The MiniMaster Pocket Tool is Made in the USA of All Stainless Steel Construction. This is one of the main reasons we include this pocket tool in several versions of our survival kits. The MiniMaster is durable and gets the job done.

The MiniMaster Pocket Tool is not a substitute for a larger pocket tool or individual tools. It is simply a way to always have something handy, just in case.

The MiniMaster 16 Function Pocket Tool includes:

Clip Point Blade
Swiss Type Scissors
Ruler - American and Metric
Cap Lifter, Locking L Device
Small, Slotted Screwdriver
Modified Phillips Screwdriver
Medium Slotted Screwdriver
Nail File/Cleaner
Bottle Opener
Key Ring
3 Hexhead Openings: 3/16", 11/32' and 3/4"
Made of Stainless Steel
Made in USA
Lifetime Warranty

KutMaster MiniMaster Pocket Tool
MiniMaster 16 Function Pocket Tool


MiniMaster Stainless Steel Pocket Tool

KutMaster MiniMaster 16 Function Folding Pocket Tool

Minimaster Pocket Survival Tool

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