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Inova Microlight Led Flashlight


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Microlight LED Flashlight

The Inova Microlight LED Flashlight, as stated by Inova, is the Smallest, Brightest Light Anywhere! Durability, precision engineering and advanced technology are not commonly associated with micro flashlights, but the INOVA LED Microlight has them all in abundance.

The Inova Microlight is a precision-engineered LED flashlight with micro size but exceptional performance. From its tough polycarbonate construction to its multi-function switch mechanism to its LED lamp, the Inova Microlight is subtle but very effective. Powered by 2-2016 Lithium coin cell batteries, the Inova Microlight LED Flashlight offers advanced design and engineering in a key holder-size lighting instrument with up to a 50-foot effective range and up to a one-mile signal visibility.

The Microlight also features four lighting functions and a water-and-crush-resistant body, plus a stainless-steel universal clip that attaches easily to keys, zippers, purses, backpacks, military gear and any number of convenient locations.

Inova Microlight LED Flashlight

Inova Microlight LED

  Microlight LED Flashlight

Inova X1 LED Spotlight -  Inova


inova microlight led flashlight

The Inova Microlight as four functions: High, Low, Strobe and Signal Mode.
The Inova Microlight has up to a 22 hour run time, 10 hours on high.
This compact LED light has up to a 50 meter effective range.
The Inova Microlight uses 2, easily replaceable 2016 Lithium Batteries.
This very bright key ring size light comes with a durable, stainless steel universal clip.
The Inova Microlight measure 1.5" x 1" x .325" and weights only .36 oz.
The Inova Microlight construction makes it crush and water resistant.
The Inova Microlight features a lifetime, high powered, energy efficient LED.

Inova Microlight LED Flashlight


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