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Best Glide Aviation Survival Equipment HAZ-MAT Shipping
Shipping Policies



To place an order for an item classified as HazMat, please call us at 888-834-9971.  Because these items require special attention due to government regulations, we can take these orders by phone or fax only.  You may also email us at!



Why does HazMat cost so much and how do I minimize my costs?

Please know that Best Glide ASE is NOT responsibile for the unfortunate high costs of HazMat Shipping. These fees, which Best Glide ASE does NOT increase in an effort to make a profit, are imposed by the shipping companies. We do apologize and know that these fees, in many cases, are unreasonable. In an effort to do our part, you will find that the prices on our HazMat items are usually lower than our competitors, to ease the high cost of shipping.

We recommend that you order numerous HazMat items at one time as the fee is based on a per box assessment by the shipping companies. So, it is one fee per box. We currently offer Orion Smoke and several styles of emergency flares that fall into this catagory.

Many of our customers find it worthwhile to combine orders with friends to mitigate these added costs.

How do I place a HazMat order?

Simply call us at 888-834-9971 and we will process your order.  If you would like, you can also fax or email your order to us.  Please include contact information as we will need to get some added information regarding your order.


Toll Free:  888-834-9971



How much does HazMat shipping cost?


A minimum HazMat charge will be added in addition to the normal shipping rate.  Both HazMat and non-HazMat items may be combined at your request to save shipping costs.


We sincerely regret having to add this additional fee!  This fee is not imposed by Best Glide A.S.E., but by U.S. shipping companies.  We hope that our low prices and reasonable standard shipping rates make up for some of this inconvenience.



Can I return a HazMat item?


As with all our products, we welcome any returns you may deem necessary.  However, HazMat shipping charges cannot be refunded except in the case of defective items.  If you do need to return a HazMat item, please call us as certain regulations apply.



Who is your HazMat shipper?


Best Glide uses FedEx as its HazMat shipper as UPS refuses to ship these items. These items may only be sent by FedEx Ground.



Can you ship these items internationally or to Alaska/Hawaii?


We sincerely apologize, but we cannot ship HazMat internationally.  We also cannot ship these items to Alaska or Hawaii.



Can you ship to any domestic US address?


As with all orders, we cannot ship HazMat items to a PO Box.  A street address must be supplied. 



What do you offer that requires HazMat shipping?


Best Glide A.S.E. currently offers several items that require HazMat shipping.  All flares and smoke signals currently fall into this catagory.



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