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Guardian Safety Light

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Guardian Dual Function Survival Light

The Guardian Safety Light - Ultimate Wearable LED Flashlight - Can be seen up to 1 mile away and is the lightest, brightest, toughest led safety light in its class! The Guardian Safety Light is easily seen when practicing your favorite outdoor activities or other times when it is important that you be seen (or found). Just clip on the Guardian Safety Light and go!

The Guardian LED Light is very lightweight, yet tough and durable. This Survival LED Light will not restrict movement and may be attached anywhere. The Guardian is affordable, wearable safety whenever you need to be seen in the dark.

The Guardian Safety Light is waterproof up to 300 feet, visible up to one mile and will last for 100 hours in steady mode or 250 hours in flashing mode (that's over 10 days straight!). The Guardian LED Light measures 1 5/8" x 1 12" x 1/4". The case, clip and lens are made from high impact and scratch resistant thermoplastic.

The Guardian Survival Light is so small, durable, functional and inexpensive, why not throw one or two in your survival kit, vehicle or workout bag?

Buy more than one Guardian Safety LED Light and get a discount! We currently offer the Guardian LED Safety Light in Red and Clear.

Guardian Safety Light





Guardian Safety LED Light

Guardian Safety Light

Guardian Safety Light


The Guardian Safety Light has hundreds of uses:
  • Biking, Jogging or Walking
  • Boating, Kayaking, Canoeing
  • Dog Safety Light
  • Wheelchair or Scooter Light 
  • Camping, Mountaineering or Hiking
  • Power Outages, Auto Breakdowns, and Other Emergencies
  • Children's Personal Safety
  • Survival and Rescue


  • Extremely Lightweight (Weighs less than 1oz. (20gm) with battery and clip!)
  • The Guardian Safety Light is waterproof up to 300' (100 Meters)
  • Twist Lens to Turn On or Off
  • Visible Over 1 Mile From Front View (Visible Over 1/4 Mile From Side View)
  • The Guardian Safety Light has long battery life
    • Steady-On Mode = 100 hours
      Flashing Mode = 250 hours (that's over 10 days straight)
  • Built in loops allow Guardian Safety Lights to be threaded onto most belts, leashes, or other straps.
  • 2 CR2032 Lithium Coin cell Batteries Included & Already Installed
  • The Guardian Locator LED Light works from -40" to 50" C (122" F)
  • Size - 1 5/8" x 1 1/2" x 1/4"
  • The Guardian Safety Light's case, clip, and lens material are made from high impact and scratch resistant thermoplastic

Guardian Safety Light

Guardian LED Locator Light

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