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Adventurer Fire Starter Kit

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Adventurer Fire Starter Kit
by Best Glide ASE

The Adventurer Series, Adventurer Fire Starter Kit goes well beyond matches or a lighter.  It is designed to light fires, even under the worst conditions.  As we all know, matches are just the source of ignition when building a survival or recreational fire. In a best case scenario, one needs a dependable source of ignition and kindling to keep the fire going long enough to light larger fuel, such as wood.

The Adventurer Series Fire Starter Kit includes everything needed to get your fire going, while taking up a minimal amount of space. This kit includes Survival Matches, an All Weather Striker, survival tinder and a durable, waterproof container.

Our NATO Survival Matches are designed to light, and stay lit, in the highest winds and wettest conditions.

The ALL Weather Striker, unlike most other strikers, is durable even in the worst conditions.  Others come apart after being exposed to damp conditions.  Not this one!

Adventurer Fire Starter Kit

Adventurer Survival Fire Starter Kit

Survival Fire Starter Kit
Adventurer Series - Best Glide ASE

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More about the Adventurer Fire Starter Kit

Our Survival Tinder is designed to be both compact and long burning. Each Fire Starting Tab is tightly compacted so that one may spread the fibers apart to get numerous uses out of just one tab. Or, one may use a whole tab to get the fire going faster.

The Adventurer Fire Starter Kit Waterproof Container is designed to be used in rugged conditions and to keep contents dry. Its simple design includes a strip on the bottom designed to be scraped with a metal object to produce magnesium shavings to enhance fire starting in wet conditions.

Cautions and Instructions: NEVER leave a fire unattended. Child supervision required. Prior to use, affix round striker sticker to inside of watertight cap.

What is needed to start a fire?

First, of course, you need a method of ignition. However, as any Boy Scout knows, you need much more than that.

Fire needs fuel and air to light and stay lit. If it is windy, find a low spot out of the wind. Making your fire next to a rock wall or large tree will help reflect the heat back to you. in normal situations, three types of "fuel" are needed to start your fire:

Tinder is material that lights when you touch it. Paper, grass, very small twigs and dry moss are perfect examples of tinder. Use your Adventurer Survival Fire Starter to shower sparks on your tinder. Try out the included Adventurer Tinder Fire Starter Tabs for practice. A candle can take the place of Tinder in many cases as a candle will usually light the next fuel required, kindling.

Kindling is the next size fuel/wood. Small dead branches still on the tree or bush make good kindling. Dry sticks, bark and anything else that will readily light when exposed to a constant small flame fall into the category of kindling.

Fuel is the next step and is what keeps your fire going. Ideal fuel is dead, dry wood.

In any case, lighting a survival fire is not as easy as it looks. In perfect conditions, it can be a simple task. However, in a survival situation, where wind, rain, cold or injury can make things difficult, it can be almost impossible. Whatever method you choose to help you be prepared for building a survival or emergency fire, be sure to practice your method before you need it. To try to learn survival skills in a survival situation, is a gamble at best.

Survival Fire Starter Kit


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