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Expandable 2 Gallon Water Carrier


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2 Gallon Expandable Water Carrier


This Stansport Expandable 2 Gallon Water Carrier is perfect for survival applications as well as pure recreation. It features heavy duty PVC construction, an on/off water spigot cap, the capability to fold in on itself for storage and is BPA free.

This expandable survival water carrier is perfect for larger home and disaster survival kits as it folds in on itself when not in use and is made of durable plastic. The Stansport Water Carrier is ideal for short and long term storage of water. Some keep this water carrier empty until they hear a natural disaster may be on its way, then fill up a couple of these just in case. For long term storage, you can even add water purification drops just in case.

This Emergency and Recreational Water Carrier is different than most collapsible water containers as it truly does expand out in an accordion like maneuver. The Stansport Expandable 2 Gallon Water Carrier differs from our Stansport Survival Water Bag in that it is not a bag. It cannot be folded down to a small size because it is made of more rigid, and durable, BPA free plastic. Because of this, this emergency water carrier is more suited for situations where storage space is not an issue but, the potential of damage to your surroundings is a possibility.



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More about the Stansport Expandable 2 Gallon Water Carrier

The Stansport Expandable 2 Gallon Water Carrier starts out at a size of 16" x 10" x 2" and expands in thickness to hold two gallons of fluid.  An integral carry handle makes this water carrier easy to carry and store.


Size:  16" x 10" x 2"
Made of Durable Polyethlene
Easy Grip Handle
On/Off Spigot
BPA Free
Holds up to 2 Gallons

Expandable Water Carrier

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