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Scorpion Solar and Hand Crank Emergency Radio


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Eton Scorpion Emergency Radio

There is no substitute for reliable communication in a survival situation. In this case, that reliability comes in the Eton Scorpion All Purpose Radio. It is a flashlight, radio, cell phone charger and bottle opener, all in one. It is great for hiking, camping and yes, even in a survival situation.

Stay tuned to AM/FM and NOAA Weather Bands with the Eton Scorpion Digital Radio. This means precise tuning and optimal reception. The Eton Scorpion Emergency Radio even comes with an AUX input so you can play your own music.

The Eton Scorpion, in true emergency radio fashion, needs no batteries. Know when your Scorpion is charged by use of its integral solar panel with the included battery indicator. You can also self power the Scorpion by use of the included hand crank. This same function lets you self charge your cell phone! Never be without cell phone power again.

All this comes inside the Eton Scorpion's rugged case which is designed for extreme outdoor adventures and emergency situations. Clip it anywhere with its integral carabiner. Don't worry about getting it wet, it is also splash proof (IPX-4).


Eton Scorpion Survival Radio

Eton Scorpion Emergency Radio

Eton Scorpion Radio

Emergency Survival Radio

Eton Scorpion Emergency Radio Specifications:


  • Digital AM/FM/WB (NOAA) channels, digital radio with digital tuning

  • (THREE) power source: solar, hand turbine power, DC input. Also charges your smart phone
  • Built-in LED flash light source and flashing beacon for easy locating in an emergency situation

  • Water Resistant Rugged Design, AUX input and headphone jack
  • Approximately 2.5" x 6.375" x 2"

  • Weight: 10.8 oz.

  • Built in battery indicator and carabiner

  • Offered in black/orange

  • The Eton Scorpion Emergency Radio is our newest favorite. Even if you don't purchase the Eton Scorpion, be sure to have some way to get information in case of natural disaster.

Eton Emergency Radio

Eton Scorpion Emergency Radio


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