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Emergency Survival Gill Net

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Survival Gill Net
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The Survival Gill Net is an excellent method of survival food gathering.  This 12’ x 4’ emergency gill net is used by stretching it across a stream or pond.  Its 1.5" mesh meets current FAA regulations, but is perfect for all wilderness survival applications.

Our emergency gill net is constructed to be effective and versatile! The leaded foot (bottom) rope of the gill net acts as the weight to sink the net and the top rope is made of polypropylene that floats.  The Adventurer Survival Gill Net will work in both water and land situations and is visible enough for the user to see it and avoid getting tangled. This aids in preventing wasting time, energy, and causing potential damage to the survival gill net itself!

No water… no problem! Our emergency survival gill net is strong enough so that it can be used as a snare or trap for rabbits, partridge, pheasants and other small game.

The Adventurer Survival Gill Net stretches to meet your needs. Don't stretch it to its 12 foot length, and get more width. This gill net is also a perfect small seine net! Fish that attempt to swim through are caught in the net and can be used for food or bait.

This emergency survival gill net is an excellent supplement to any fishing kit, to include our Fishing Series Survival Kits (Survival Fishing Kits). It can be set up and left unattended while time is devoted to building survival shelter, providing medical attention or signaling.

This emergency gill net should be used for survival applications only and is outlawed in most states for sport fishing.

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Survival Gill Net

Adventurer Survival Gill Net
Best Glide ASE

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The Gill Net Drawstring Bag is a high quality option to add to your Adventurer Survival Gill Net!

The Survival Gill Net Drawsting bag, made to fit the Adventuer Survival Gill Net, is made in the USA of high quality components. These include a genuine US MIL SPEC Parachute Cord Drawstring, durable and highly visible water proof material and a drain hole.

Add this great addition to your Survival Gill Net at checkout!

Survival Gill Net Drawstring Bag

Gill Net

Want to know more about our Survival Gill Net?

Our survival gill net is made especially for Best Glide. It improves on the old style Emergency Gill Net by incorporating a monofilament line as opposed to the weaker string used previously. Because of this, it is a little larger than the traditional survival gill net when packaged. Our gill net even comes in its own mesh storage bag.  This is the best survival gill net available on the market today!

In an emergency, the Survival Gill Net is an essential piece of equipment that will help you overcome harsh survival situations. Simply set the gill net to catch food, while you work on other essentials such as shelter, warmth, food gathering or medical issues.

The Survival Gill Net construction provides 24 feet of rope, top and bottom, to stretch across a river or stream to a suggested width and depth of 12ft long x 4ft deep.  The netting is hung on the diamond, like professional fishing nets to give you a maximum stretch.

This emergency gill net construction allows for flexibility in areas requiring a maximum of a 19 foot net length with only a 2 feet depth. Or the gill net can be stretched to a mere 4 foot length which provides a greater depth of up to approximately 5 feet.  The process of adjustment is made by simply placing a knot through the corner of the netting to the rope on the top and the bottom of the net.

Using the emergency gill net in a large body of water, the net can be anchored by sticks in the water in a circle similar to a fish trap, or the net can be pulled through the water along a shoreline as a seine to collect a group of fish.  By closing both ends, the fish are then trapped.

All things considered, this is the most versatile, durable and quality survival gill net on the market today.

In a survival situation, there are, obviously, priorities. One must make sure his or her immediate needs are met. For example, injuries must be treated and you must move to a safe location if the location you are currently in is hazardous. Then you have time to slow down and take stock of what has happened and what your situation is.

A gill net, and our Standard Survival Fishing Kit, are prime examples of planning for your long term needs. For example, if help is close by and you are absolutely certain that a rescue is imminent, these items will likely not be necessary. However, if your situation is one in which food will be necessary to keep your strength up and your wits about you, then Food Gathering Survival Items can save your life. The problem is making sure you plan for every eventuality. Food Gathering Survival Gear, though not as important as making sure you stay warm, uninjured and hydrated, is a vital component of every survival plan.


Survival Fishing Net

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