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Adventurer Compact Emergency Signal Panel

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Compact Emergency Signal Panel

Adventurer Series Survival Gear

The Adventurer Compact Emergency Signal Panel is designed to attract the attention of rescuers or mark wilderness areas for easy relocating later. Searchers, who are looking for those in need of rescue, will scan the ground for colors that contrasts the terrain around them. The bright orange color of the Adventurer Signal Panel increases the chances of rescue by drawing a searcherís eye to your location.

The Adventurer Compact Emergency Signal Panel is made from 200 Denier 100% Nylon. It comes in water repellent, high visibility orange. When deployed, the signal panel measures approximately 36" x 20" and 4" x 6" x 1/2" when packed in its plastic, reusable, zip lock packaging.

Signal panels have been used by the military for over 70 years because they save lives. The Adventurer Compact Emergency Signal Panel is also very useful to those, such as law enforcement, hunters and fishermen, who wish to mark wilderness areas for easy relocating.

Because this signal panel is constructed of light weight water repellent Nylon, it can be folded small enough to go in your pocket, backpack, glove compartment, hunting vest, medical or survival kit.

Whatever your outdoor adventure, be sure to always plan ahead. An emergency signal panel is a necessary item of basic survival gear that should be included when the need of rescue is a possibility.


Compact Emergency Signal Panel

Compact Emergency Signal Panel
Best Glide ASE

  Stock#: SN1356
  Series: Adventurer
  Wt: 2 oz
  Size: 4" x 6" x 1/2" (packaged)
    36" x 20" (deployed)
  Material: 200 Denier Nylon
Pocket Emergency Signal Panel


Best use of this Compact Emergency Signal Panel is when the signal panel is placed in a high contrast area by either using string, rope, tape, rocks or even sharp sticks to fasten it downCompact Emergency Signal Panel against the wind.

If you prefer, we also offer our Survival Tarp Clips which make this item even more versatile. These clips can also be used to construct a shelter, built survival snares, make solar stills and many other applications. We offer then in numerous combinations.

Also take a look at our Genuine Issue Military Issue 550 Parachute Cord. It is designated as MIL-C-5040 Type III and is the genuine issue items issued to the U.S. Government. Ours is not to be confused with "Commercial Grade" or "Military Type".


Now to the Adventurer VS-17 CIV Signal Panel

The Adventurer VS-17 CIV Signal Panel is a very durable signal panel modeled after the military VS-17 GVX Signal Panel. It is bright orange to attract attention of either airborne or ground search teams and is designed as an aerial marker to mark locations of those in distress or areas that need to be relocated quickly. Due to its water resistant backing, it can also be used in the construction of a survival shelter.VS17 CIV Signal Panel

The VS-17 CIV signal panel is orange on both sides, instead of pink on one and orange on the other. This relieves the customer from an significant cost increase due to the use of one sheet of durable nylon as opposed to two. This also lightens the signal panel from about 1lb each to around 1/2 lb, a significant decrease when carrying multiple signal panels or adding one to your pack or kit while hiking in the wilderness. We also removed the snaps, as most civilians will only be carrying one of these signal panels. However, we included MIL-C-5040H Type III corner tie downs so that the panel could be attached to numerous items, to include other signal panels if desired. This "parachute cord" is Military Issue and Made in the USA, a fact we have found to not apply to numerous versions of the Military Issue VS-17 Signal Panel.

What you will find in the Adventurer VS-17 CIV Signal Panel is a necessary piece of survival equipment, especially when an aerial search is in effect. This signal panel is lighter, but just as durable as the Military Version. It is less expensive and more aptly suited for hikers, campers, travelers and adventurers. The Adventurer VS-17 Signal Panel is assembled in the U.S. This Signal Panel is so popular, it is already being examined by government purchasers as a possible replacement to the military version.

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Compact Signal Panel

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