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Combat Utility Bivy Bag
Made in USA by Best Glide ASE

Best Glide ASE has found the perfect use for U.S. Military Bivy Covers that are beyond repair.Combat Utility Bivy Bags We make high quality Survival Kit, Medical Kit and Utility Bags by re-purposing the material that is still in great shape. To do this, we remove all of the seams and cut the high quality Gore Tex material into a number of patterns, by either repairing or omitting the parts of the Military Issue Bivy Cover that were damaged. Thus, we created a new high quality item as this material is completely water proof and extremely durable, The Combat Bivy Bag.

These bags currently come in three different versions, with more on the way. The first is the Small Combat Bivy Bag, which includes the material from the original Bivy Cover and adds a YKK zipper and D-Rings, to make it very versatile. The Small Combat Bivy Bag measures approximately 10.5" x 5.75" x 4.5". This bag, as well as the other two bags, is made in the USA of high quality USA Materials.

The second, Medium Combat Bivy Bag, uses the same materials and is of the same high quality as the other two versions.  The difference is that it is larger than the small and smaller, well...than the large.  The Medium Combat Bivy Bag measures approximately 16.5" x 8" x 7".  Like the large bag, the Medium Combat Bivy Bag also includes the original Heavy Duty YKK Zipper and the Heavy Duty Mil-Spec snaps that were used on the original Bivy Cover.

The third size, the Large Combat Bivy Bag uses the heavy duty Combat Utilty Bivy Bag Comparisonzippers, snaps and material from the original Bivy Cover, thus making it a very heavy duty and Made in the USA bag. The neatest thing about this bag, and the Medium Combat Bivy Bag, besides its extreme durability, is that the original Heavy Duty YKK Zipper and the Heavy Duty Mil-Spec snaps that were used on the original Bivy Cover, are now used to both zip the bag closed then the snaps are used to cover the zipper for added moisture protection.

This bag measures approximately 18.5" x 9" x 8", and is substantially larger than the Small Combat Bivy Bag.

During the process of cutting and sewing these bags together, we often find that the bags may end up with a green side. This is because of the fact that the Military Issue Bivy Cover has a green side therefore, much of the re-purposed material does as well.

Made in the USA

The Combat/Utilty Bivy Bag is a perfect

  • Survival Kit Bag
  • Medical Kit Bag
  • Flight Bag
  • Rope Bag
  • Bug out Bag
  • Egress Bag
  • Law Enforcement Bag
  • many, many more...
We also design custom bags for organizations or for resale. Just let us know what
you need and we will see that you get a very high quality bag that meets your specs.

Combat Bivy Utility Bag

Combat Bivy/Utility Bag

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Large Survival Kit Bag

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