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Brunton Compass

Tried and true Brunton base plate compasses are tools for your outdoor adventures. Especially useful for navigating with maps, they are accurate, declination adjustable and have a rotating azimuth ring. Packed with features, a Brunton baseplate compass is anything but basic.

Brunton accessory compasses complement the many compasses available in the market today. All affordably priced, these items include small size, pin on attachment points, watchband compasses and pocket survival kits.

Every Brunton product is backed by the quality and reputation of a company who has always provided the most reliable and trustworthy tools.



Brunton Survival Equipment

Brunton Compasses

Brunton Tag A Long Globe Compass

Brunton Pin on Ball Compass
(New Model: Tag A Long Globe)

Adventurer Watch Band Compass

Adventurer Wrist Band Compass

A true classic, the Brunton pin-on ball compass is a waterproof, 1" rotating ball of direction. Pin it on your pack or your jacket zipper and have a ball with it.

Brunton discontinued their Watch Band Compass, so we went out and got our own. Part of the Adventurer Series, this compass is just as quality with a better face.

Lifetime Limited Warranty
Cardinal points
Pins on for hands free use
Rotating ball
Brunton Compass F-TAGGLOBE
.2 oz
Cardinal points
Fixed disk
Fits most watchbands
Adventurer Compass #SN1365


Brunton Pin on Ball Compass


Brunton Wrist Band Compass

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