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Best Glide Emergency Ration Pack Review

by robert ashton

owner and operator of
shot show 2009 product reviewer

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The below article was published in prepartion for the 2009 Shot Show held in Orlando, Florida.

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Emergency Ration Pack

Natural Disaster Ration Pack

From their website:

Finally, the famous Emergency Ration Pack, originally designed by BCB International and supplied to relief organizations, militaries and organizations world wide, is available in the U.S. This U.S. Version of the Emergency Ration Pack, which contains US and UK Government Approved Survival Gear, was designed in cooperation with BCB International by Best Glide ASE. It includes numerous enhancements to the original design.

The Emergency Ration Pack was designed for military, disaster relief, marine, aviation, outdoor adventure and extreme conditions applications. The Emergency Ration Pack is a perfect way to prepare oneself for hurricane survival, tornado survival, earthquake survival and unforeseen non-natural disasters seen every day around the world. Throw a couple in the car or keep a few at home just in case. Each Disaster Survival Kit contains approximately 1500 calories of life preserving nutrition, as well as numerous items to stay comfortable, remain warm, keep oriented and to be rescued.

The Emergency Ration Pack comes sealed in an airtight bag which is constructed of a high barrier foil laminate designed for the preservation of food items. It is impervious to sun, moisture and air. The high grade survival items within, some of which are military and/or NATO approved, are protected by a permanent seal but include a heavy duty zip lock which makes the bag resealable after initial use.

The Emergency Ration pack is is available in two versions: Basic and Advanced. The basic version of the Emergency Ration Pack (US Version) includes the following items: Emergency Food, Bouillon Cube, Energy/Candy Bar, Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, Solid Fuel Tablets, Matches, Foil Tray, Water Bag, Water Purification Tablets, Survival Whistle, Pencil, Survival Instructions, Wire (Snare Type), Hard Candy, Button Compass and Fresnel Lens Fire Starter.

The Advanced Version of the Emergency Ration Pack (US Version) adds a Utility Knife, Basic Fishing Kit, Basic First Aid Supply and a Desiccant.

Product information: EMERGENCY RATION PACK
Manufacturer: Best Glide ASE
Model: Advanced Version
Made in: USA
Manufacturer URL: .html
Details include: n/a
Size: approx. same size as standard MRE though light in weight
Manufacturer’s Specs: see above in italics
Product description: Supplies, survival type kit
Locations used: n/a
Weather conditions: n/a
Comments: Included in the review below


When I rec’d the package, I was immediately impressed with the size and weight. The heavy ziplock bag is roughly the same size as a standard MRE. The package can easily fit in a small pack or under the seat of a vehicle and not cause any problems. This is a very nice assortment of items for the cost of the kit. All of the basics are covered nicely in the “Advanced” version of the package.

As you can see, there are many great products in the pouch. Calorie wise, you are looking at a over 2k if you count all of the items. Nice little supplement and inexpensive insurance!  You have an assortment of sweets, a ration bar, high calories peanut disc, a small first aid kit, small survival kit, whistle, etc…this is a lot of “bang for the buck”.

I will be making use of this kit in my vehicle and will be giving some as gifts this season. Guys at work were checking it out and were very impressed with the item. I heard some talking about using them in their hunting kits, others for the wife in the winter vehicle preps…the possibilities are endless.

Robert Ashton

Owner and Operator of

2009 Shot Show Product Reviewer

Robert Ashton is the owner and operator of a highly rated survival forum website, This article regarding the effectiveness of the Best Glide Emergency Ration Pack was was reproduced here with the permission of the author. This review was rendered independantly from Best Glide ASE. It is another survival preparedness article offered by Best Glide ASE in an effort to make persons safer and more prepared in a survival situation. The views expressed above are the views of the author and are not verified or substantiated by Best Glide ASE. As always, nothing is a direct replacement for personal research, study and survival training.

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