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ActCel Hemostatic Gauze

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ActCel Hemostatic Gauze Agent

ActCel 2 x 2 Hemostatic Gauze
Coreva Health Science

Recent technological developments have allowed this revolutionary gauze to change the way emergency care is administered. ActCel Hemostatic Gauze was developed as a tool to provide medical professionals the ability to stop bleeding in the most efficient manner possible.

ActCel 2 x 2 Hemostatic Gauze can be used for: Capillary Wounds, Arterial Bleeding, Lacerations, Abrasions, Punctures or anywhere light to moderate bleeding needs to be stopped.

ActCel Hemostatic Gauze, created from cellulose, is an effective hemostatic agent. Upon contact with blood, ActCel Hemostatic Gauze, or bloodstopper gauze, instantly converts to a collagen like gel which expands to cause direct pressure on blood vessels and control bleeding. ActCel Hemostatic Gauze is water soluable and the gel can be removed easily when water, saline or hydrogen peroxide is applied.

Because the ActCel 2 x 2 Hemostatic Gauze is small and inexpensive, it is perfect for survival kits or to simply have on hand, "just in case".

$5.25 each
$105.00 box/20
ActCel Hemostatic Gauze
Emergency Bloodstopper Bandage

ActCel Hemostatic Gauze

ActCel Hemostatic Gauze

ActCel is currently in use by:

  • Military
  • EMS/Firefighters
  • Survivalists/Outdoorsmen
  • Law Enforcement
  • Dentists
  • and more....

  • Sawyer Extractor

    Want to know more about ActCel Hemostatic Gauze?

    What is ActCel?

    ActCel Hemostatic Gauze is a collagen-like natural substance created from chemically treated cellulose. It is an effective hemostatic agent registered with the FDA to help control bleeding ActCel Blood Stopper Gauze from open wounds. The material contains no chemical additives, thrombin or collagen and is hypoallergenic. When it comes in contact with blood, it expands to 3-4 times its original size and converts to a gel that dissolves into glucose and saline over a 1-2 week period. Because of its purity and the fact that it simply degrades to these end products, ActCel does not cause delayed healing as do other hemostatic material that may have similar appearance.

    Research shows that ActCel effectively cuts down on clotting time, helps stabilize new clots by accelerating the formation of fibrin cross-linkages and increases whole blood viscosity, thus promoting the aggregation of red blood cells.

    ActCel has been and continues to be a successful stop-bleeding product in the dental, OB/GYN, EMS, Veterinary and Athletic industries. Some features and benefits of ActCel include:

    • Quick clotting time
    • No additives to delay healing
    • Breaks down into saline and glucose
    • Sterile and bacteriostatic
    • All Natural
    • Hypo-allergenic
    • Cost effective
    • No reported side effects
    ActCel Hemostatic Gauze

    How does ActCel work?

    After an injury to the body, platelets become activated, changing from a discoid to spherical shape and extending pseudopodia. They release enzymes that stimulate other platelets to activate, and chemicals that promote adhesion to blood vessel linings, collagen, glass, metal, and to fabric. Platelet aggregation is the property of platelets to clump with each other to form a platelet clump.

    ActCel, which is in a fabric-like state, increases platelet adhesion, thereby helping to promote clotting. This is similar to adherence of platelets to damaged collagen (the fibrous protein found in connective tissue that underlies the endothelial cells). ActCel stops bleeding quickly and effectively by:

    Adhering - ActCel hemostatic gauze adheres to the bleeding surface, physically blocking and sealing off the damaged blood vessels.

    Expanding - Once in contact with the blood, ActCel expands to create direct pressure and helps stop bleeding.

    Transforming - ActCel transforms into a collagen-like gel that increases platelet aggregation and stabilizes clot formation.

    Dissolving - ActCel is water-soluble and is easily rinsed away with sterile water, saline or hydrogen peroxide. Once ActCel has helped form a clot, it will dissolve into a glucose saline gel in 1-2 weeks.

    Where has ActCel been used?

    Gaza Conflict
    During the 2008/2009 Gaza Conflict, ActCel was being used by Palestinian Medical Services to treat injuries and save lives. Hundreds of 2”x 4” and 4”x 4” pieces of ActCel gauze were taken into Gaza by military and special groups to treat the wounded.

    Hurricane Katrina
    The recent damage inflicted by Hurricane Katrina has been both economically and emotionally devastating. Coreva Health Sciences has teamed with the Prehospital Trauma Life Support and the National Association of EMTs (PHTLS-NAEMT) to donate close to 2,000 boxes of ActCel Hemostatic Gauze to first responders treating the Hurricane victims. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this tragedy and we all hope for a speedy recovery.

    ActCel Goes Pro
    ActCel has made it to the NBA and NFL!!! We are very excited that Athletic Trainers for professional teams are making ActCel a part of their medical kits. Preliminary reports on ActCel from the NBA are very encouraging and as training camps begin in the NFL, ActCel is sure to get a lot of use on the field. As we approach NATA in Baltimore in June, literally hundreds of ATC's around the country have inquired about ActCel through our website.

    ActCel Hemostatic Gauze

    ActCel Hemostatic Gauze
    ActCel Hemostatic Gauze


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