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USAF First Reissue A-2 Since 1943

Cockpit A2 Flight Jacket

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USAF A2 Flight Jacket

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USAF First Reissue A2 Jacket Since 1943 - Z2107G

Cockpit USA (formerly Avirex LTD) is the current manufacturer and supplier to the United States Air Force for its A-2 goatskin leather jacket. To see the current USAF Issue Jacket, please see CURRENT USAF ISSUE FLIGHT JACKET.

This A-2 Flight Jacket is made of 100% goatskin and is made according to U.S.A.F. specifications dating to 1987 when the US Air Force first reissued the leather A-2 jacket working with Jeff Clyman, now President of Cockpit USA, to update the older WWII specifications.

This A2 Flight Jacket includes a soft but durable goatskin shell that is hand cut from at least five chrome tanned hides. Original features included are snap down collar with hook and eye, top entry pockets with snap close flap, knit cuffs and waistband. If you want your jacket true to size order your regular size. If you want a roomier fit, order one size larger.

The USAF First Reissue A2 Flight Jacket is proudly made in the U.S.A. Most other jacket manufactures cannot honestly make this claim. The USAF First Reissue Since 1943 A2 Flight Jacket (z2107g) is available in sizes 36 - 60 Regular and 40 - 60 Long. Please call for availability on large and Long sizes as there may be a short delay in shipping.

$420.00 - $540.00 MSRP

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Official USAF A2 Flight Jacket

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