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U-Dig-It Folding Hand Shovel

u-dig-it enterprises, inc.

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U-DIG-IT Folding Stainless Steel Shovel

U-Dig-It Enterprises

We have found that for an item to be good for survival applications it must fulfill several requirements.  The item must be easy to use, durable and it must accomplish the job at hand.  The U-Dig-It stainless steel hand shovel meets these requirements admirably.

The U-Dig-It can be used for finding water, steaming food, digging for shellfish, cleaning game, smoking meat over a pit, cooking, building shelters and the list goes on.  The U-Dig-It Stainless Steel Shovel carries the Seal of Approval from the North American Fishing Club and is recommended to its members by the North American Hunting Club. 

The blade of the UDIGIT is 2-1/4" wide by 5-1/4" long and is constructed of 18-gauge T-304 #4 Stainless Steel.  The folding handle is fashioned from a ¼" stainless steel rod and measures 4-3/4" long. When closed, the U Dig It handle folds almost entirely into the blade. 

The U-Dig-It shovel is so versatile and inexpensive, we highly recommend it for any survival, camping or backpacking type activity.  The U-Dig-It shovel weighs 6 oz and comes with a black laminated ballistic nylon sheath.

UDIGIT Stainless Steel Folding Hand Shovel








UDigIt Folding Hand Shovel

Folding Stainless Steel Hand Shovel
U-DIG-IT Enterprises, Inc.

U DIG IT Hand Shovel

UDIGIT Stainless Steel Folding Hand Shovel

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