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NATO Survival Matches

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NATO Survival Matches
BCB International and Best Glide ASE

These Survival Matches are the finest waterproof survival matches available anywhere at any price.  These NATO Survival Matches come in a small, watertight, plastic bottle that has a match strike surface on one end or in our Adventurer Series Flat Pack which contains 10 matches and a striker.

Once ignited, these windproof survival storm matches are more like small flares than matches and burn intensely for approximately 12 seconds. They cannot be blown out. You can actually drop them into water and these survival matches will continue to burn.

These Survival Matches are a standard NATO issue item and are used in aviation and marine survival kits worldwide. 

These NATO Storm Survival Matches come 25 to a tube or in the Best Glide Adventurer Series small flat pack of 10 and a striker. 

If you need a match on a dark and stormy night, these Survival Matches are the only ones to have and should be a part of every survival kit.


All Weather Survival Matches

NATO Survival Matches


    In use by:
USMC Survival Kit US Marines
USAF Survival Kit US Air Force
UK Special Forces Survival Kit SAS
UK MOD Survival Kit UK MoD
Red Cross Survival Kits RED CROSS

NATO Survival Matches


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