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Inova X1 2.0 Led Flashlight


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Inova X1 2.0 LED Flashlight

The Inova X1, now with a 2.0 watt LED light, delivers X Series’ uncompromising lighting performance, reliability and durability in a sleek design just 4.0" long by .72" diameter that fits easily in pockets, survival kits, aircraft and more.

The INOVA X1 2.0 LED is an example of one of those rare products that effectively combines quality engineering and bold looks in a highly purposeful package. Ruggedly constructed and beautifully finished, the X-Series started the LED flashlight revolution. Today, the X-Series is still recognized as being the ultimate collection of flashlights in the field, and has earned the praise of countless users who have come to depend on them.

The X1 2.0 Watt LED, much brighter than the previous version of the Inova X1, utilizes one AA alkaline battery that allows the Inova X1 to run up to two hours. It has an effective range of up to 100 feet and a signal visibly of up to 1.5 miles. This makes it a powerful signaling device.

The crush-proof, water resistant Inova X1 2.0 is designed, engineered and manufactured to provide reliable operation in extreme environments. If you are looking for a flashlight for survival, rough duty or extreme environments, the Inova X1 LED Spotlight 2.0 is hard to beat.

We offer the Inova X1 2.0 with a white spotlight and either a Titanium Anodized or Black Anodized finish. Our version comes equipped with a AA battery.

Inova X1

  Inova X1 2.0 LED Flashlight

Inova X1 LED Spotlight -  Inova


inova x1 2.0 led flashlight

The Inova X1 has a patented precision optical system, which provides thermal management while harnessing and projecting a powerful beam.
The Inova X1 Flashlight is electronically controlled. Its advanced electronic circuitry provides uniform light output.
The Inova X1 2.0 is 4" long by .720" diameter.  Weight is about 2.16 ounces.
The Inova X1 2.0 incorporates an aerospace-grade aluminum body machined from solid bar stock with military spec, Type III hard coat anodized finish. X1 available in black or titanium finish.
The Inova X1 2.0 is impact resistant by way of a stainless steel head which protects the optical system.
The Inova X1 2.0 utilizes O-Rings which allows for compression sealing throughout and threads are anodized for reliability.
The Inova X1 construction allows it to be shockproof, crushproof and water resistant.
The Inova X1 includes a lanyard hole in the knurled tailcap.
A tactical switch on the end cap activates momentary on, constant on/off and lockout modes.
The Inova X1 2.0 features a lifetime, high powered, energy efficient LED.
Powered by a single AA battery (included).
Our X1 available in white for general purpose and full-color vision.

Inova X1 LED Spotlight


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